Noirtown,  New York, 2019. Photo by Carly Hoogendyk.

Noirtown, New York, 2019. Photo by Carly Hoogendyk.



…a company focused on creating immersive theater experiences. In WITNESS productions, audience members are given the agency to choose how they want to experience a narrative, and are free to follow whichever characters and pathways they please.

WITNESS was started in 2017 in New York City, and made their debut with The Visitation. They’ve since premiered multiple productions in locations across New York, and will debut their next immersive theater show, Last Days of the Tsars, in Seattle.



"You should be familiar with [WITNESS] … one to watch in NYC." —No Proscenium

“‘Performance pick!’ An immersive installation experience inspired by low-fi, VHS “is it real or not”-style found footage horror films … only instead of watching a movie from the comfort of your own living room, you’ll be exploring an actual multi-floor house” —Bedford + Bowery, on FOUND FOOTAGE

It was uncanny how much Noirtown made me feel as if I was living inside a film noir classic like The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep.” —New York Theater, on NOIRTOWN

“Incredibly moving.” —Page to Stage Podcast, on NOIRTOWN

"For three nights in early November, New York City’s oldest home was haunted by a 17th-century tale of witchcraft. ... I had an enjoyably unsettling time."
Hyperallergic, on THE VISITATION

“Electrifying … as you follow several storylines across various rooms, you’re invited to examine scattered clues, lean in to listen to private telephone conversations, and try to solve the puzzle that has driven three detectives to near-insanity. … The show feels like being inside David Lynch’s neo-noir Mulholland Drive.” —The New York Times, on NOIRTOWN

"If you go see The Visitation, which you should … every choice you make has a profound impact on the narrative you experience and how you experience it. The thrill of that experience comes when you realize the extent of your freedom as an observer."
Paste Magazine, on THE VISITATION

“★★★★★” —NeXT SCENE, for NOIRTOWN

“The performance is layered, dense, and rich ... Aside from the wonderfully creepy site-specific staging, the second biggest strength of The Visitation is in its excellent ensemble acting and highly polished script. An impressive debut."
No Proscenium, on THE VISITATION

“Genius … probably the best specimen of this genre I have ever seen.” —No Proscenium, on NOIRTOWN