Colonels Row | Governors Island, NY

FOUND FOOTAGE ran from October 19-31, 2018 at House 403 at Colonels Row on Governors Island. Across the first floor of the house, TV monitors in each room looped footage taken by the crew of Ghost Watch, a paranormal investigation TV show, who’d gone missing while shooting in the house a month prior. Visitors were free to wander the floor, piecing together the story from disparate bits of footage, before ascending to upper floors and discovering the shocking truth of what happened to the crew.

Photos by Cara Salvatore | Stills by Andy Zou


“‘Performance pick!’ An immersive installation experience inspired by low-fi, VHS “is it real or not”-style found footage horror films … only instead of watching a movie from the comfort of your own living room, you’ll be exploring an actual multi-floor house.” —Bedford + Bowery


Nik Duggan (Beau)
Savvy Jones (Loren)
Chelsey Ng (Annie)
Tirosh Schneider (Will)
Nathan Simpson (Darren)
Brian Lore Evans (Tall Man)

With additional performances by Andrew Carr, Anthony Logan Cole, Keith Comley, Daniel Harray, Virginia Logan, Nelly Nickerson, Mike O’Malley, James Phillips, Austin Short, and Dan Weller


Written and Directed by Michael Bontatibus
Director of Photography: Andy Zou
Assistant Director: Enzo Gattuccio
Additional Editing: Nate Lessler
Front of House: Alexia Antoniou, Christian Clinton, Lyndsay Dru Corbett, Rebecca Gilbert, Drew Gregory, and Emma Stephens