Rave Theater Festival | New York, NY

NOIRTOWN ran from August 9-25, 2019 as part of the Rave Theater Festival at Teatro LATEA. Audiences were plunged into the world of film noir as they followed the threads of three radically different detectives investigating three radically different cases, all linked by the same enigmatic femme fatale. NOIRTOWN ran for a sold-out string of performances where audience members were invited to play detective themselves, spiraling down an ever-lengthening rabbit hole of three intertwining mysteries.

Photos by Carly Hoogendyk


"Electrifying … If film noir is the cinematic style that best captures the mysterious quality of dreams, Noirtown succeeds in making those fantasies tangible.”
The New York Times

"Blew my mind ... probably the best specimen of this genre I have ever seen."
No Proscenium


"It was uncanny how much Noirtown made me feel as if I was living inside a film noir classic like ‘The Maltese Falcon’ or ‘The Big Sleep’."
New York Theater


Nik Duggan (Detective 1)
Daniel Harray (Detective 2)
Shane Jensen (Detective 3)
Kendall Kemp (Effie)
Chelsey Ng (Effie)
Stephanie Salgado (Effie)


Written by Michael Bontatibus
Directed by Charlotte Murray
Stage Manager: Cati Pishal
Costume Design: Corina Chase
Scenic and Props: Lauren Barber
Lighting Design: Elizabeth M. Stewart
Sound Design: Jamie Amadruto & Trey McGee
Fight Choreography: Michael Barnette
Dance Choreography: Kellyn Thornburg
Board Operator: Andrew Carr
Front of House: Jarrod Allan, Jimmy Bontatibus, Anthony Logan Cole, Lyndsay Dru Corbett, Brian Evans, Enzo Gattuccio, Savannah Jones, Kenjiro Lee, Megumi Lee, Emily Oliviera, Ankita Raturi, Piyali Syam