The Wyckoff House | Brooklyn, NY

THE VISITATION ran from November 3-5, 2017 at the historic Wyckoff House, the oldest building in the city of New York. Audiences were free to roam the house and grounds as they witnessed the tale of a 17th-century farming family, a girl claiming to be possessed by witches, and the two priests tasked with learning the truth. The Visitation returned to the Wyckoff House for an encore run from March 10-25, 2018.

Photos by Carly Hoogendyk


"The performance is layered, dense, and rich ... Aside from the wonderfully creepy site-specific staging, the second biggest strength of The Visitation is in its excellent ensemble acting and highly polished script. An impressive debut."
-Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium

"[A] terrifying Nathaniel Hawthorne-meets-The Exorcist tale. If you go see The Visitation, which you should … every choice you make has a profound impact on the narrative you experience and how you experience it. The thrill of that experience comes when you realize the extent of your freedom as an observer."
-Graham Techler, Paste Magazine

"For three nights in early November, New York City’s oldest home was haunted by a 17th-century tale of witchcraft. ... I had an enjoyably unsettling time."
-Allison Meier, Hyperallergic


Yurié Collins (Patience Massingberd)
Brian Lore Evans (Francis Prideaux)
Ben Gougeon (Brian Gunter)
Rae Haas (Anne Gunter)
Daniel Harray (George Wake)
Virginia Logan (Marion Gunter)


Written by Michael Bontatibus
Directed by Drew Gregory
Produced by Jenny Gorelick
Stage Manager: Cati Pishal
Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Wilson / Enzo Gattuccio
Assistant Director: Katharine Lorraine
Costume Design: Corina Chase
Assistant Costume Design: Morgen Warner
Scenic and Props: J.B. Douglas
SFX Makeup: Rachel Temkin
Fight Choreography: Grace Clower
Movement Consultant: Karen Eleanor Wight
Front of House: Teddy Mueller, Kira Weiner, Jarrod Allan,
Celeste Cahn, Colleen Doucette